Alex Pires Response

Monday, September 19th, 2011 | Previous Elections

Dear Ms. Howell:

Sorry to disappoint you, but I had nothing to do with any flyers distributed at the Civic League forum. I could not care less about you.

Stop harassing me, my companies and employees. Stay out of all of our businesses. You are not welcomed.
We have the legal right to exclude anyone, and thus are excluding you, forever.

We will not allow you to threaten our businesses, our employees and their livelihood, and then come into our establishments and enjoy our food, drink and entertainment.

Do not email me or call me or enter my establishments (Rusty Rudder, Northbeach, Bottle and Cork, Venus, Jimmys Grille(s), Dewey Beach Liquors, Outlets) again. You are banned forever. In addition, I don’t want to receive any emails or other forms of communication from you, or see you. Ever.

Alex Pires

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